Are you looking for a working experience in Asia? To travel in Korea or in Japan?
To learn a new language or discover East Asian culture? Perhaps all three at once?

If your answer is "Yes!" to any of these questions, our Korea-Japan internship program is exactly what you need.
You can start in Kumamoto or Seoul, and finish in kumamoto or Seoul. You may also complete in internship solely in Japan.

The Korea-Japan internship program is a non-paid internship organized by the Korean NGO Asia Hope Camp Organization,
and by the Japanese NGO ACOPIA Friendship International. 

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Our internship is a 2 to 12 months internship open all year-round. This means interns can apply whenever and choose their working period as they wish.

You can start in Kumamoto or Seoul, and finish in Kumamoto or Seoul
You may also complete in internship solely in Japan.

Interns must stay a minimum of one month in Kamamoto.


For the internship starting in Japan and finishing in Korea, ACOPIA will provide the one-way air ticket from Kumamoto to Seoul. ACOPIA will also provide a one-way air ticket from Seoul to Kumamoto for the internship program starting in Korea and finishing in Japan.


The internship takes place in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea, and in Kumamoto, Japan. You can check out Kumamoto's location, history, sightseeing, features, events and tips on the website : https://kumamoto-guide.jp/en/



This internship is an unpaid opportunity.

At ACOPIA, we value experience and emotions more than anything. Our mission is to promote social activities and to facilitate free exchange of ideas. As interns will work as entrepreneurs under minimal supervision, they have to be autonomous and rigorous. During this internship, interns will improve their decision-making skills and project management skills, use and take advantage of their creativity, improve their interpersonal communication skills, and most of all, work in a fun and friendly environment.

Working Hours

Interns will work 4 days from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm in Seoul / 10am to 5pm in Kumamoto.


When not at work, you have the opportunity to study Japanese one on one with a native speaker, experience Japanese culture at the Kumamoto International exchange, and go to events where you can meet and interact with Japanese University students. The activities offered to interns listed below are free of charge.




  • Promoting multicultural cafe

  • Promoting K-POP Camp

  • Promoting Work Camps abroad

  • Supporting staff during Work Camps and K-POP Camps

  • Creating Partnerships

  • Managing social media accounts

In Seoul, you will be part of one of the three following teams:

 ①Media promotion team (Interns will be in charge of Acopia world design and online promotion of all ACOPIA programs.)

 ②Broadcasting team (Interns will be in charge of filming and editing videos of Acopia school student/trainees and intern life.)

 ③Project management team (Interns will be in charge of the creation of events such as live cafe, filming and taking pictures.)


  • Study Japanese Language and Culture, Volunteer teaching Your Home Language for two days of the week

  • work two days as an intern (Promoting Acopia Japan Internship).

  • have three days of rest.


Pauline, 1 July 2019

Pauline, 1 July 2019

  • Learn Japanese language with a Japanese volunteer

  • Discover Kumamoto’s historical sites with local volunteers

  • Befriend the volunteers

  • Enjoy the freshest and purest water in Japan

  • Enjoy the city-nature integration

  • Homestay

  • Remember Kumamoto as your second hometown!

After your stay in Kumamoto, you will be asked to hand in a little review of what you did in Kumamoto,
what you learned and how the volunteering program has made you felt.
This will include 5 pictures or more that you have taken of your favorite places, foods, people and experiences you have had in Kumamoto.


ACCESS Kumamoto City International Center

From Kumamoto JR station
10 minutes via Kumamoto City Tram by getting off at the tram stop of “Hanabatacho” and walking 3 minutes from the tram stop
10 minutes via buses by getting off at the Kumamoto Kotsu Center and walking 3 minutes from the center
10 minutes via taxi

From Kumamoto Kotsu Center
3 minutes on foot


  • University student (undergraduate or graduate); age 18-28

  • Full English professional proficiency

  • Interested in Japanese language and culture

  • Preferably with knowledge and skills in marketing, web design, digital communication, video editing

  • Good organization and time management

  • Capable of working efficiently and effectively under minimal supervision

  • With a positive work attitude and able to communicate well with colleagues from different cultures and nationalities


Learn more about the intern activities (Japanese Language study, Japanese students Exchange, Kumamoto Tour, Food and etc) by clicking in the button bellow. You will find reports of our intern Pauline, currently doing the Japan Internship Program.

🌻Kumamoto Nagomi House Location :
Nagomi House is a 5-minute walk from Miso Tenjin Station on the Kumamoto tram. The House is Close to Kumamoto City Library. The Kumamoto City International Center is a 15-minute bicycle ride or a 30-minute walk from the house. Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-City JAPAN

About reliable service:  We support you 「Troubled」24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For example, if you have trouble in your room, such as “I'm leaking water!”, “I lost my key!”, “The glass broke!”, “I can't get electricity or gas!” We will call you 365 days a year and make arrangements for improvement.

About reliable service:
We support you 「Troubled」24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
For example, if you have trouble in your room, such as “I'm leaking water!”, “I lost my key!”, “The glass broke!”, “I can't get electricity or gas!” We will call you 365 days a year and make arrangements for improvement.


During their internships, interns are required to stay in Acopia Friendship (Nagomi House).

Full rent must be paid prior to arrival for both accommodation in Korea and in Japan.

Nagomi House, Kumamoto, JAPAN

・Single Room(per month):800 USD September~February
・Single Room(per month) :900 USD March~August
・Double Room(per month):600 USD September~February
・Double Room(per month) :700 USD March~August.

beddings (sheets and covers), pillow, bed, fridge, washing machine, AC and heater, rice cooker, microwave, cooking plates, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, wardrobe, plates, cutlery, cooking material, oven toaster, toilet and bathroom, bicycle.

All included in housing fees (wifi and electricity bills are inclusive of the rent so you don’t have to pay them separately).


- Double Room(per month) : 600 USD September~February / 700 USD March~August.

- Quadruple Room(per month) : 500 USD September~February / 600 USD March~August.

** Wi-Fi and electricity bills are included in the rent. Food expenses, transportation expenses and other personal expenses are covered by the interns themselves.

- Toilet & Shower
- Living Room, Couch, Table, TV
- Kitchen, Refrigerator, Microwave, Water Purifier, Rice Cooker, Toaster, etc.
- Laundry Machine, Clothes Horse, Iron, Vacuum Cleaner
- Free Internet & Wi-Fi, 
- Personal Computer


  • 2 participants per month

  • Administrative fee : 

    • February 1st through August 31st: 400 USD

    • September 1st through January 31st: 200 USD

  • Deposits are not refundable but can be used within two years to cover other programs in Acopia. The deposit is part of the total participation fee.

    When sending the payment through Paypal please send the payment to the following Paypal address: acopia.asia@gmail.com


1. Please click here to complete the form.

2. Send your resume and a cover letter by email to acopia.intern@gmail.com.

Inquiry (contact person)
Email: acopia.intern@gmail.com
TEL: + 82-70-4006-7024
Asia Hope Camp Organization Korea Office
1F SAMTONG Building 24-7, World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.