Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age for the internship program?

A: Yes, the minimum age for the internship program is 18 and the maximum age is 28.

Q: Do you provide any help for males to find a place to stay during the internship?

A: Yes, but an additional fee of 300 USD is required.

Q: Is the internship paid?

A: No, the internship is unpaid

Q: What are the working times for the internship?

A: The working times are 4 days a week, from 10:00 am to 18:00PM with one-hour lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00 PM. Upon arrival you can choose what day you would like to be off.

Q: Is the minimum of three months internship always required?

A: For internships from September to February the minimum of three months is required. The rest of the year if you choose to do a shorter internship, an additional fee for the share house is required.

Q: For the internship program, how will the day off be arranged?

A: Upon arrival, you can discuss your preferred day off with the manager.

Q: Do I need special qualifications to work for ACOPIA?

A: As an intern at ACOPIA the following qualifications are expected:

·         High school or university student (undergraduate or graduate);

·         Age 18 - 28

·         Proficient in English (ability to speak Korean and/or Japanese is an advantage as they are languages used in the office)

·         Knowledgeable in researching and using Microsoft Office

·         Knowledgeable in video editing, marketing/advertising, web design and/or digital communication

·         Cafe and Entertainment Management

·         Able to work with minimal supervision

·         Has a positive working attitude and is able to relate well with people from different cultures

Q: What do you do as an intern at ACOPIA?

A: As an intern at ACOPIA you can be responsible for various tasks such as promotional activities, K-POP School Program support duties, social media activities and so on.

Please find more information on our intern program page.  

Q:Do I have to have a good level of English?

A: Yes, you are required to be able to have at least B2 level of proficiency.

Q: Do I have to have good level of Korean?

A: No, it is not required.  However, having a basic level of command in Korean or Japanese can be helpful.

Q: Is the internship program available all the time?

A: It depends as we have the limitation for the number of participants per month. We can only have a maximum of 8 interns per month for Seoul Internship Program and 2 interns per month for the Japan Internship Program.