Internship in seoul

Asia Hope Camp Organization’s internship program provides high school and university students first hand experience working in an NGO. During the program, interns are expected to develop knowledge and skills in organization, research, partnership, ideas exchange, and leadership.

Visiting University Sep 2019.

Visiting University Sep 2019.


Whenever you want! On the side are available slots for the internship program.

Please note: If accepted, positions are on a first come first serve basis. Your internship isn’t confirmed until the administrative portion of the application is complete.

How long

You can intern at ACOPIA from 1 to 12 months.

**For internships from September through February, a minimum of 3 months is required.


ACOPIA Cafe and ACOPIA School (Hiroba) are both located in Hongdae, Seoul.


  • High school or university student (undergraduate or graduate); Age 18 - 28

  • Proficient in English (Business level)

  • Knowledgeable in researching and using Microsoft Office

  • Knowledgeable in video editing, marketing/advertising, web design and/or digital communication

  • Cafe and Entertainment Management

  • Able to work with minimal supervision

  • Has a positive working attitude and is able to relate well with people from different cultures

Work Description

At ACOPIA, free exchange of ideas is greatly valued: holding various programs to promote Korean culture and Japanese culture internationally and to improve Korea-Japan relations. Through internships, volunteering programs, K-POP-related programs or language programs, we are serving the cause of unifying people.

We currently are looking for people with experience in video editing!

1) Social Media Activities

A. Creation of Content for Social Media

To get more people together, promoting ACOPIA’s programs on social media is the first step towards our mission. At ACOPIA, we give our interns the freedom to design and edit posters, flyers and videos that will be uploaded on our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Naver blog, etc. It is a great opportunity for every intern to add in their personal touch and style to ACOPIA's social media, to improve their editing skills, and to do so for a good cause!

B. Continuous Follow-through of Social Media

At ACOPIA, we also believe in quality service and that e-mails can be pleasant to read. Of course, the work isn't done after a new post has been uploaded! Interns will be in charge of replying to direct messages sent through Social Media Sites. For this you get experience in customer service and Social Media Management.

2) International Exchange Programs

A. Support Staff during Work Camps and K-POP Camps

For the interns to concretely see the outcome of their work, they will have the opportunity to be accompanying staff during K-POP Camp, which is normally held during summer and winter vacations. By participating in various activities, they will also get to experience Korean culture as promoted by ACOPIA.

Interns can also be asked to pick up K-POP Training Camp participants and regular ACOPIA School students.

B. Promotion of ACOPIA programs

For the sake of bringing more people together, interns will help the manager promoting various ACOPIA programs: K-POP Camps, Training Camp, ACOPIA School

For this, you will gain experience in marketing and communications, but also in events planning, project management, and time management!

3) Language Exchange and Conversation

Many Koreans wish to practice and better their English language skills, and one way of helping improve their language skills is to have conversations with native English speakers. Two interns are able to volunteer for this service.

4) Team Activity

For this internship, you will be part of one of the three following teams:

Media promotion team (Interns will be in charge of Acopia world design and online promotion of all ACOPIA programs.)

Broadcasting team (Interns will be in charge of filming and editing videos of Acopia school student/trainees and intern life.)

Project management team (Interns will be in charge of the creation of events such as live cafe, filming and taking pictures.)

5) Fairtrade Promotion

During your internship, you will also promote Fairtrade (street & social media) and also serving coffee at Acopia Café.

Benefits of Working for ACOPIA

  • Korean language class and K-POP dance lessons (2 hours/week)

  • Certificate of Internship and ACOPIA badge as proof of working with ACOPA Lifelong Education Center and Asia Hope Camp Organization

  • Working with other interns from different countries & staying in the Share House 

  • At the end of the internship, one of ACOPIA House’s empty bed is offered once a year for a maximum stay of 6 nights.

 Working Terms and Conditions

  • Interns will be working under the supervision of the team manager handling a specific project. 

  • The workplace will be in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The office is 5 minutes away from Hongik University Station Exit 3.

  • During the internship, female interns are required to stay in ACOPIA's share houses. Unfortunately we do not have share houses for male interns but we can help find a place to stay during your internship (additional fee of 300 USD).

  • Working days are flexible, but it will be for a minimum of 4 days a week.

  • Working time is 7 hours a day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM including a one hour lunch break

  • The internship is unpaid and not funded

  • Interns are required to write a personal evaluation essay following their first month of internship and complete it at the end of their internship with additional content. This essay contains expectations, experiences, impressions about working in ACOPIA, pictures, suggestions and recommendations of the internship program.

  • Internal information about ACOPIA, such as information of clients, must be kept confidential, must not be used in non-business matters and must not be released in public even after the internship period. Interns are not allowed to give their personal information to clients that they encounter during the internship. Clients who want to keep in touch with interns and visa versa should contact ACOPIA via ACOPIA's official email and contact numbers.


ACOPIA House (Accommodation) 

According to the guidance of the Immigration Bureau of South Korea, we are requiring our female interns to live in the ACOPIA House. 

Applicants will be placed in the following accommodations based on availability:

ACOPIA World House (Females Only)

- Double Room(per month) : 600 USD September~February / 700 USD March~August.

- Quadruple Room(per month) : 500 USD September~February / 600 USD March~August.

※The price includes rent, utility bills, and Wi-FI.
※All rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chairs, drawers, air conditioner, and heater.
※The Share House is equipped with a television, computer, kitchen with water purifier, dispenser, rice cooker, cooking and dining utensils, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.


Full rent must be paid one month before arrival in the ShareHouse by Bank Transfer or Paypal. Paypal is recommended rather than a bank. Paypal has lower fees and remittances faster. Sending money through a bank takes time and fees are high.
If the internship is less than 3 months, an additional fee of 200USD is charged.
Due to the nature of international payment and processing fees, the final price must be calculated to account for them. Please use this form to calculate your final payment.

Reservation and Payment 

사본 -1570699393464.jpg

Administrative fee: Since ACOPIA is a non-profit organization that hold various programs and activities, we need funding to keep them operating. The administration fee will be implemented in funding programs and services for ACOPIA and for maintenance for living accommodations.

  • Administrative fee for internships between February 1st through August 31st: 400 USD

  • Administrative fee for internships between September 1st through January 31st: 200 USD

  • Administrative fee must be paid in advance to do your internship at ACOPIA. If internship is canceled, the administrative fee will not be refunded. 

The full rent should be paid at least one month before the start of the internship.

For a stay of less than 3 months, an additional fee of 200 USD will be added for Sharehouse.

Deposits are not refundable but can be used within two years to cover other programs in Acopia.

When sending the payment through Paypal please send the payment to the following Paypal address:

Important Reminders and Visa          

  • ACOPIA cannot sponsor your visa for South Korea. Make sure to call the Korean Embassy for your country to make sure that you can get a proper visa by your own means.

  • Please click here for info about visa for Vietnamese ( number 5)

  • ACOPIA take precaution sending invitation letters for visa purposes due to previous occurrences, so invitation letters are sent after we receive your administration fee payment.

  • Interns must submit a copy of the biographical page of their passport and visa if applicable on the day of their orientation to the internship program.

  • Interns must avail their own travel or medical insurance valid for the entire duration of their internship.

  • The payment of the administrative fee has to be done within ten days of your acceptance into the internship, and the payment for the full rent for the whole stay has to be completed one month prior to the start of the internship.