Asia Hope Camp Organization is an NGO that organizes work camps in Asian countries, k-pop related entertainment programs, and provides language education in both South Korea and Japan. We support voluntary work, international cooperation, and exchange between Asian countries.

The Asia Hope Camp Organization is a project spearheaded by the young members of Korean society, that aims to highlight and emphasize the many volunteer opportunities that can be found all over the world. Koreans continue to be engaged in this endeavor. The Asia Hope Camp Organization is officially registered on Seoul Metropolitan Government.

ACOPIA has the following goals for Asia Hope Camp Organization

Create an environment for cultural exchange:

  1. ACOPIA provides a hospitable environment for international dialogue and cultural exchange by:
    (a) Encouraging the youth from all over the world to come to Korea and share their cultural knowledge, and by
    (b) Increasing our global interaction through working with other international organizations. 
    Our volunteer activities have attracted Korean and Japanese people so far, but the nature of our work is without borders. We aim to gather people from a variety of nationalities. Therefore, our goal is to expand our horizons and make Asia Hope Camp a "truly International Work Camp".

  2. Break Barriers through Volunteerism:

    Asia Hope Camp not only provides a warm environment for the global youth to interact and work together, but it also aims to contribute in the alleviation of poverty in impoverished regions in Asia through the promotion of outreach and social activities.



JLNE (Japanese Language Nagomi Education)

This program is conducted at the Kumamoto Prefectural University Japanese Language Education Laboratory. Professor BABA Ryoji, the highest authority in the field of Japanese language education, is responsible for the entire program. JLNE is a Japanese language course conducted by Japanese university students (graduate students) who major in Japanese language education. This is an opportunity to study with Japanese students and discover the Japanese culture.



Kumamoto Furusato

This program is a one month training program organized by Asia Hope Camp Organization and the International Trade Department of Kumamoto, Japan and is supported by Korea-Japan Socio-cultural Forum. During this program participants follow Japanese language classes and cultural experiences 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday (classes are also available on Saturdays and Sundays).



Internship in ACOPIA Café

This is an unpaid internship program in the Asia Hope Camp office in Seoul. The program can last 1 to 6 months during the whole year. Interns will participate in various indoors and outdoors activities while living together at the Sharehouse. Interns also have the opportunity to take part in Korean language and K-POP Dance classes once or twice a week.

• Daily activities may include: promotion, SNS activities, Free Talk, café activities, visit Korean schools/universities/organizations, 1:1 Korean classes, KPOP dance classes
• Duty Staff: participating in Staff activities (answering emails, managing new intern applications, checking payments…)
• Original Activity: each intern is in charge of a personal creative activity for ACOPIA such as organizing events related to the intern country or culture or creating partnership with Universities.


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KPOP School Program

During the KPOP Training Program of ACOPIA, singing, dancing and Korean language classes are offered for a period of time, varying from one month to one year. In between the trainee program, there are several opportunities to audition for big entertainment agencies such as HAPPYFACE Entertainment, BRAND NEW MUSIC, TS Entertainment, KQ Entertainment, A100 Entertainment, TOP MEDIA, WH CREATIVE, MAJESTY Entertainment, and KIWI Media Group. And who knows you might be the next big K-pop star!


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This program gathers all fans of K-POP from all over the world! Participants get the chance to visit Korean performing arts schools and prime entertainment companies, undergo dance and vocal training from experienced K-POP coaches, learn the Korean language, indulge in true Korean cuisine, and make new friends who love K-POP as much as you do. Additionally, you will get the chance to explore Seoul the chance to explore Seoul at its finest! The highlight of this camp is a KPOP Audition for all interested participants. K-POP entertainment agencies are invited to screen for potential idols from ACOPIA's camp. A handful of ACOPIA's campers have been selected in the past few years.




The Japan-Korea relationship is the worst since 1945, and it is a confrontation before war.

With this occuring, we want to test the value of ACOPIA, whose purpose is “Japanese-Korean communication” and “mutual understanding”.

ACOPIA is often working with TV Channels such as SBS in order to spread awareness and our vision.